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Waist Training and Weight Loss

Posted by on Sep 20, 2016

When you’re thinking about a diet and weight loss program you probably also consider weight training. Even so there are plenty of questions that you have running through your mind. If you’re going to buy a bespoke corset then you’re purchasing something that has been made with care and dedication using measurements that might not reflect your size in the future. Let’s take a close look at the next stages so you can make the right choices. There are often ways around most of the problems you’ll encounter in life. Here are the things you need to consider when assessing your options.

The Pros and Cons of Weight Loss With Waist Training

You wouldn’t be the first person who chose to wear a corset during a diet regimen. It just makes you feel better to see the smoothly cinched waist and the sleek lines under your clothes. A corset also makes your achievements more noticeable because you can feel it getting looser as you lose weight. There’s nothing like seeing your new figure shaped by the corset and some of the best things that a corset can do for you are brought to light when you eat well and exercise regularly to aid your weight loss goals.

Being able to wear the corset comfortably for a long time means changing your diet so that you’re eating smaller and more regular meals so you don’t end up eating too many calories. There’s more information about this a little later. Some women also find that wearing a corset can help to regulate their appetite but you should never skip a meal or use a corset to eat less calories than your doctor or dietician tells you to.

A lot of the cons associated with waist training for weight loss are connected to the process that goes into ensuring your corset fits snugly. While you can alter the corset to accommodate your weight loss you’re left with a corset that won’t fit you for very long with dramatic weight loss. Buying the best waist cincher and altering corsets can be expensive and you might find that you’re already too small for your new corset by the time that it arrives, but this problem is something that we strive to avoid.


Your typical waist trainer will come with a 2” gap. This means that the corset is around 2 inches smaller than your body to allow room for a little bit of weight loss. There are plenty of things that can alter the size of your body. Two of the most common are dehydration and menstruation. This gap means that you can make the corset a little tighter if you need to. If you know that the corset will be used as part of your diet then this gap can be extended to 3”. For dramatic weight loss we can go as high as 4”, which is about two dress sizes. This means that you should get a lot of use out of your waist training corset. We always try to leave as small a gap as possible though because the size of the gap can alter where the seam of the corset is supposed to be. This means that you’ll be uncomfortable in your waist training corset at first but it really does work as a temporary measure.

If you feel that your weight loss goals aren’t going to be addressed with a 3-4” gap then you can consider a budget friendly corset, such as a ribbon corset or a well-made “off the rack”/ready-made corset. Using a ready-made corset isn’t a good idea for waist training though as a corset that isn’t made to your body has small discrepancies that quickly feel drastic after a while. How well-made the corset is quickly becomes a factor when you’re wearing the corset for over 100 hours per week. Despite this it is a more affordable option when you see a regular change in your shape and size.

When You Should Begin Waist Training as Part of a Weight Loss Program

When you should start using a waist trainer is dependent on a few things. First think about how much weight you want to lose and how long you’ve given yourself to lose it. Do you believe that a waist trainer is going to be a big piece of this particular puzzle?

Another thing to consider is that most diets are at their most effective during the early stages. If you give your measurements for a custom order during the early stages then there’s a chance that you won’t be the right shape for it when it arrives. Another thing is that weight isn’t dropped evenly across the whole body. Many women find that they lose weight first from their hips and bust. Because of this it’s a good idea to take your measurements regularly and see where the weight drops off even if you plan on purchasing a corset a few months into your weight loss program. This way you can see where the weight loss slows down and speeds up and make a smarter purchasing decision.

Something else you need to think about is just how long the corset will take to arrive. We follow a waiting list system so it could take up to two months for your order to arrive. If you need international shipping then it can take even longer, making it advisable for you to order your corset in the middle or near the end of the diet.

In many cases where the client is budgeting for one corset to take them through the entire weight loss program then it’s best to wait until the 3-4” gap is right for you. This means that you can use the initial month of your diet to record your results and show us if there are any weight loss trends and allow time for the high activity period to pass. During this month you can still discuss your order with us and tell us the fabrics and styles you like. We can also create a boned mock-up for you to show you what you can expect to see in your new figure.

Bridal Corsets

We’ve seen and spoken to a lot of brides and the thing they tell us the most is that they want to lose weight for their wedding. Sometimes this means that they want to do some toning exercises and sometimes it can be just the beginning of a longer journey. No matter what your plan is the deadline should be your main focus, and if anyone else needs your corset so that they can finish their own work for you. The most common example of this is that the dressmaker will need the corset so that they can make any adjustments to the dress. These alterations typically begin around a month before the wedding but they can take a lot longer. What the dress maker needs will often determine the steps we take including whether we offer an overbust or an underbust and when we should see your current and predicted sizes.

We hope that this post has given you an insight into the practicalities that need to be thought about during the process of getting a waist training corset. Don’t worry if it sounds a little scary! We’re happy to help you and talk through your options with you, so why not get in touch to talk about your plans?

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Tackling Insomnia: The Natural Way

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016

Are you always concerned that you’re getting too little sleep? Is getting to sleep and falling back to sleep a big problem for you? Do you feel like you’ve tried all the tricks in the book?
Obtaining eight hours of sleep is vital for each and everyone as a way to function every day, today and the next day no matter whether in the workplace, in class, or just at home. There are lots of advantages that a restful sleep may bring. A full night of relaxing sleep can make you feel energised for the next day and allow you to make it through the day.

I think everyone understands that it’s really frustrating to go through insomnia and spend all your days depleted. But try to remember that there are a lot of different approaches which could help you sleep tight and receive the many benefits that comes along with a good night’s sleep.

If you’re having a rough time sleeping but it’s not to the point where you think you need to see a doctor, there are several things you can do in terms of natural sleep aids from RestEasily. For more minor problems, do not even consider sleeping pills. You get used to them very quickly and will require more and more as time goes on. Often you need to double-up on medication and take stimulants in the morning to wake you up. Sleeping pills have a well-earned reputation of being dangerous and easy to over-dose on.

There are many things you can try before you go down the route of sleeping pills—more organic option. You should exercise regularly and in the earlier part of the day. If you exercise late at night, it will only boost your energy and endorphins, making it difficult to sleep. Exercise regulates your system and promotes over-all health. It makes you healthily tired by the end of the day but wards off exhaustion.


Some find that eating later meals helps. This is more a trick for your body that will not work forever–you will get used to it eventually. But if you go hungry for a few hours and then eat your dinner an hour or two before bed, your body will relax after the stress of being hungry.

Taking Melatonin, a vitamin supplement, is the first step in any pill prescription from a doctor. But buying Melatonin is safe for kids to take and you can buy it over the counter. It merely regulates your natural sleep rhythm. Just be careful taking it if you are depressed, because it can make depression worse.

If you’ve ever noticed how getting warm makes you sleepy, it’s because raising your body temperature by a degree is a proven method to help you sleep. Most people do this with a bath, which also relaxes your muscles and makes you take a little time to relax.

You must also make sure your bed is only for sleep. And your body must know this. If you are the type to do a lot of work in your bed or watch TV there, or eat there, your body may not relate lying in bed to sleeping. It may think you’re getting ready to do something else. So only lay in bed when you’re going to sleep. It also helps to sleep in the total dark and quiet. If in doubt use natural sleep aids for a healthy sleep and you’ll notice the change.


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